Bathroom & Kitchen Hand Towels that will Stand the Test of Time

We all know it can be a mission to find the softest possible towel that also absorbs well. In many homeware shops these days, the range of different towels is enormous. Therefore, when you are purchasing Bathroom Hand Towels you must pay attention to the following qualities to ensure you choose the most soft and absorbent towels.

Why is Turkish Cotton a superior cotton?

Thicker, heavier bathroom hand towels often absorb more water than thin, lighter towels, but of course they dry much more slowly. Towels made of Egyptian or Pima cotton absorb well, but hand towels made of Turkish cotton are by far the best option. Turkish cotton is a premium cotton with extra long fibers. Using cotton with longer fibers to spin yarn means there is fewer joins, which results in smoother, stronger cotton threads. 



How is the absorption?

Our hand towels are extremely versatile and personally, we use them in two ways. Obviously, as a hand towel in the kitchen or bathroom for simply drying your hands. Think of the rough treatment our hands get every day – they deserve five star treatment! The high quality turkish cotton is so soft and luxurious that believe me, your hands will thank you. The second use for these towels is as tea towels. Because of their absorbent nature, you won’t have to worry about soggy tea towels that wet the dishes as fast as they dry them! Every kitchen needs something that dries quickly, so go for a quality Turkish cotton that will last for years.

Just how soft are Turkish hand towels?

Don’t be fooled by the extremely soft, fluffy hand towels in stores. Most manufacturers add a layer of fabric softener so that they feel extra soft, however this soon fades after a few washes! Liquid fabric softeners can help make a towel soft and luxurious, but they also reduce the ability to absorb. Towels made of Pima, Egyptian or Turkish cotton are also soft thanks to the supple and silk yarn. With Turkish hand towels, the cotton gets softer and more absorbent with every wash.

You may think that choosing a bathroom hand towel is simple. Just choose a nice design, with an affordable price and you're done, right? No, not that fast. For a towel that will last for years, both style wise and function wise, choose a Turkish cotton towel that ticks all the boxes. Cotton is the most popular make of hand towel, and that is not without reason.

Choosing a hand towel - should it be thick or thin?

A hand towel does not have to be extra fluffy to be absorbent. Turkish towels are made from a soft fabric that is thin enough to easily fold compactly. This way you can store large quantities of them without taking up a lot of space.