Turkish towels have rightfully earned a reputation for being the perfect beach accessory. But what about in your bathroom? Can their street cred equally apply indoors? The answer is an emphatic yes. Let’s look at why.

1. Turkish towels are a more ethical way to dry yourself
First up, if you’re at all into running a sustainable, ethical, eco-friendly household, then Turkish towels are a top choice. The Turkish bath towels we sell at Miss April are all made by family-owned businesses in Turkey, using hand looms and age old weaving techniques to turn quality cotton into beautiful works of art that last and last.

2. Turkish towels are an easy way to give your bathroom a makeover
Secondly, if you’re into style, then Turkish towels are bang on trend. In fact, they’re timeless. Whether you go with bold stripes, cute spots or something simpler, the colours, patterns and textures of these towels make a sensational statement in any bathroom. Pair your bath towels with a gorgeous hand towel and statement bath mat for a quick, cost-effective makeover that instantly ups the style stakes.

3. Turkish towels get better with age
Third, if you’re into comfort and practicality, then tick and tick again. Turkish towels are super absorbent and oh-so-soft. Even better, unlike some bath towels out there, the luxurious quality of Turkish towels grows with each wash. These towels are made with care using the very best materials to make them feel softer over time. The secret? It all comes down to the 100% Turkish cotton. This premium cotton has longer fibres that yield stronger, smoother threads than other types of cotton, and it improves over time.
In the practicality stakes, Turkish towels are quick drying. So if you’re a two-shower-a-day person (quick rinses, of course), then you’ll love the fact that your towel has dried between drenchings. After all, there’s nothing worse than having to dry yourself with a soggy bath towel, is there?

Need more convincing? 
Need more convincing that Turkish towels make sense in your bathroom? Try them out for yourself. Browse our gorgeous range of bath towels to find a style you love – and treat yourself to something special that’s sure to last.